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Remedial Massage and Bowen Therapy

Three treatments for the price of two

'Over 20 years of experience tells me one treatment is never enough!'
Patrick has practiced remedial massage, Bowen technique, trigger point therapy, sports massage & cupping for over 20 years and has developed his own unique method of therapy.

How do you benefit from remedial therapies?
Whether the cause of your discomfort is work related, a sports injury or a nagging issue that just came on after doing something around the garden, remedial massage therapy may assist by

• relaxing muscles and reducing tension and cramping, leaving a feeling of well being;
• reducing the risk of fibrosis (stiffening) and adhesions in muscles and fascia;
• enhancing rehabilitation after injury;
• increasing your range of movement;
• dramatically reducing pain and discomfort
•  relieving symptoms of fatigue by stimulating blood flow to and innervating the nervous system;
•  alleviating the symptoms of repetitive strain syndrome by relaxing and
increasing muscle function and stretching contracted muscles

Three treatments for the price of two
From his experience Patrick has recognised that clients need at least three treatments, about a week apart, in order to elicit more lasting change in the body.
As an incentive he is offering three treatments for the price of two.  This may act as an encouragement towards improvement.  For $150 you get an initial treatment and two follow up treatments. These need to be used within 5 weeks of the initial treatment.


If you are not sure simply call Patrick to have  a chat.  04021316070

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