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Testimonials from the 2015 retreat:
























‘Thank you so much for a a very challenging and wonderful week of yoga.
I did wonder many times whether I was able to keep extending my ageing body further each day and yet with your careful and supportive help it happened, to some extent!
I also had a lovely sense of being supported by the group in the context of the wonderful Mendira village.’
Libby Larson - Glen Iris, Melbourne


'Not having ever committed myself to intensive yoga I really did not have any expectations and in fact was not totally convinced that my body would cope with yoga 5 hours a day. I did however benefit from the experience in a physical sense but the most rewarding outcome was a sense of calmness and complete satisfaction i gained mentally.


I found no need or desire to seek other tasks or activities to complete my day - my mind was a free space and I truly felt like I was living the moment. I enjoyed all the sessions and the venue was perfect. To practice yoga overlooking the water was perfect and the food and accommodation were also just right. The balinese culture and environment was perfectly suited to the Yoga retreat and I really couldn’t imagine many other more suitable places.


Thank you for your great teaching style which you always present professionally but with care and attention to all of us - individually correcting but taking us that little further each time. You have the knack of catering for individual differences and adapting asanas to suit. I also like your explanations and the incorporation of anatomy terminology and sanskrit that teases the mind but explains where and how the poses should feel. 


Thanks Pat for a truly great experience - If our life ahead allows, we shall be returning. I know Marcus equally enjoyed this experience and passes on his thanks as well.'


Jacky & Marcus Clark

Ivanhoe East

‘Patrick thank you for all the care, patience and attention that you have given to each of us, especially me. I really gain a lot from my yoga retreat and I come back feeling refreshed and more motivated.’
Sherin Hoosanally - Mt Claremont, Perth


‘After completing the retreat I came back more grounded, more positive and a more confident woman. I feel well balanced and have 200% more energy than before I came.
The retreat gave me the time and space to focus to what my strengths were and also my weaknesses. I felt well supported by the
teacher and the group and felt completely at ease.'
The location is superb. Watching the ocean and listening to the waves whilst I was practicing my asanas was unreal.
I am definitely booking in for next year!'
Jennifer Symons - St Kilda, Melbourne



Dear Patrick,

I have been practicing Iyengar Yoga for a number of years. But I guess like most people have never really found the space to “retreat” into my practice so intensely and in such a beautiful place. Patrick’s masterful teaching allowed all of us to explore and extend our practice holistically. The asanas were planned and sensitively offered to suit the time of the day and the mixed abilities of the class. The time spent on Pranayama offered me a chance to look within myself and to find a peace and tranquillity that I have been able to return to since Bali. The laughter, spicy teas, glutinous black rice porridge and fresh coconut milk breakfasts, combined with the soft scent of the tropics and alluring sea beyond are memories that will last forever.  A little taste of paradise!

Namaste Pat,

Lynne Hamilton   Heidelberg VIC


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